Bike Expo New York 2018

Starting from May 4th through May 5th of 2018, Bike Expo New York takes place in Pier 12, Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, Red Hook, Brooklyn. More than 100 exhibitors are on the show. You will familiar with brand names such as Specialized, Abus, Kryptonite, Lights & motion, Lezyne, Orbea, Topeak, Trek, etc. The opening time on the 4th is from 10 am to 8 pm while on the 5th is from 9 am to 6 pm.


Bike Expo New York Website;

Bike Expo New York Website. (

Although I am out of luck to visit there, I found the following products and promotions presented in the expo interesting.

New bike computer from Arofly

Although Arofly is not a famous brand name, they introduce a bicycle computer that attracts many people keep asking for details. That product is called “Arofly Ultra-smart Biking Solution”. That computer works with a tire pressure sensor which weights merely 10 grams and sizes smaller than a bottle cap.

Arofly tire sensor

Arofly tire sensor attached to the tire valve of a rear wheel. (Picture sourced from Epochtimes)

A bicycle computer that shows heart rate, cadence and pedalling power is very common in the market. However, a computer that displays tire pressure is the first time I have heard of. Nice job, Arofly. Your new computer is innovative.

Arofly ultra-smart bike solution computer

Arofly ultra-smart bike solution computer. (Picture sourced from Epochtimes)

Virtual Reality Tourism

“Taiwan Excellence” presents a very creative way to promote tourism in Taiwan. Guess what is it? Here, I show you the picture.

Taiwan Virtual Reality Bike Tour

Taiwan VR bike tour. (Picture sourced from Epochtimes)

By wearing a virtual reality google and pedalling on an indoor bike, you will see the scenery in Taiwan on the remote. In addition, you will experience the bike tour as if you were in Taiwan.

New road bike iteration of 2018 from Giant

Bike enthusiast should know the biggest name in the bicycle industry, Giant. Giant is Taiwan based company which manufactures the most bikes in the world. Giant’s flagship road bike is TCR advance SL which is the lightest road bike Giant can produce. TCR advance SL offers both disc and non-disc brake version. The highest-end of TCR advance SL non-disk weights about 6.14kg and comes with SRAM wireless Red eTap shifting groupset. Before UCI allows racers to ride on the disc brake equipped bikes officially, non-disc brake version is the only choice for real competition in big events. On the order hand, non-disc version is marketed to enthusiasts who enjoy the latest bike technology and don’t race in UCI events. Both versions of TCR advance SL are carbon fibre made, with disc brake versions have flat-mount disc brakes and thru-axle wheel retention.

Giant TCR advanced SL

Giant TCR advanced SL non-disk. This bike comes with rim-brakes instead of disk brakes.

Giant highlights that their so-called “Overdrive 2” steer tube gives the bike supreme steering stiffness. They don’t mean the bicycle is hard to be steered but mean the steering fork is very stiff so your energy won’t lose on it during ride especially during out of the saddle on climbing. “Overdrive 2” steer tube is taper-shaped with top headset bearing of 1 1/4 inch in diameter and bottom bearing sized 1 1/2 inch.

Another wonderful feature is “RideSense” which is a removable transmitter that can sense the wheel speed and the cadence of pedalling. “RideSense” is an optional feature to add on, and you can decide to buy the bike with it or not.

Giant TCR Advanced SL Disc

Giant TCR Advanced SL Disc

TCR Advanced SL is designed as an all-rounder racing bike. It is best suited for a long-distance race on flat roads mixed with hills and mountains.


The bike expo is free to be admitted. Other than products and tourism promotions, there are free courses on how to do bike maintenance and quick safety check before a ride. Also, there are experts sharing their experience of cycling in the event. Representatives from 100+ manufacturers, associations and travel agencies should be enough to take your time on a couple of days. Enjoy the event if you can go there, or else join in the next time if you miss it this year.




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